Last Updated 03/14/05

Ritual Jewelry


crown.jpg (5321 bytes)       High Priestess Crown        

sterling silver w/ moonstone   Limited Edition

MPCRN $159.95


wpe1CF.jpg (2245 bytes) HEAD CIRCLETS      All are adjustable


wpe196.jpg (22777 bytes) High Priestess Circlet   Lg Silver Crescent on Brass Wire OPDCIR $67.95
Small Crescent Circlet  Solid Silver  OPDCIRSM $64.95
Simple Wire Circlet        Solid Silver OPDCIRS $48.95
Fillet Band Circlet with Drop Pendant


OPDCNDB Silver Tone w/Black Drop $16.95
OPDCBDB Gold Tone w/Black Drop $16.95
OPDCNDG Silver Tone w/Green Drop $16.95
OPDCBDG Gold Tone w/Green Drop $16.95


wpe1CC.jpg (9990 bytes) Fillet Band Circlet with Pendant OPDCNP Silver tone with Pentagram $24.95
OPDCBP Gold tone with Pentagram $24.95
OPDCNS Silver tone with Star $24.95
OPDCBS Gold tone with Star $24.95
wpe1CD.jpg (30372 bytes)wpe1CE.jpg (12665 bytes) Petite Knot Circlet  Bronze with Moonstone                              OPDPKC $103.95
Celtic Long Knot Circlet  Bronze with Onyx

Celtic Long Knot Belt     Bronze with Onyx

OPDCHC $103.95
OPDBLK $115.95
Triskellion Circlet        Bronze with Carnelian OPDCTC $103.95
Triskellion Belt          Bronze with Carnelian OPDBT $115.95
Medieval Girdle Bronze Nevern Cross w/ Mother                                       of Pearl OPDMB $206.95
wpe196.jpg (9523 bytes) Cloak Pin Bronze                                                 OPDCLP $64.95
wpe1ED.jpg (2960 bytes) High Priestess Circlet Lg Silver Crescent on Brass                                                  Wire OPDCIR $67.95
wpe1D2.jpg (3703 bytes) Isis Necklace Moonstone w/ amythest drop - Sterling                                 Silver Setting.   Chain is included GMN008 $99.95
Isis Earrings Moonstone w/ amythest or garnet drop                               (please specify) GME024 $51.95